As a small boy it was a passion of mine to design & build. Whether it was a LEGO set or wooden blocks, I seemed towards gravitate to those activities.

This desire came from my grandfather who designed and built grandfather clocks as a hobby. I watched him diligently craft these clocks from scratch. Witnessing the satisfaction, he got from seeing his customers so overwhelmed at his creations showed me how valuable of a role model he set for me.

After graduating from Georgia Southern, I was involved in various business ventures; however, I always had a desire to renovate and build houses. After 20+ years with a large corporation and a unexpected layoff- I decided now is the time to make my dream a reality. I earned my Georgia General Contractors License and joined a large home builder in Fayetteville. After renovating and constructing homes for a couple of years, I decided to begin my own construction company and Right Angle Renovation Atlanta was formed.